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DYNAIR® is a brand-division of Maico Italia SpA with a consolidated experience in infrastructure and industrial ventilation in Italy, in Europe and world-wide.

The enthusiasm for our work, that gives us the possibility to grow in a rich and stimulating technological and cultural reality, together with a resolute development strategy are the basis of a high quality offer and a careful customers’ service which focus on single and specific needs of our clients.
Our products are the result of a constant R&D activity. They are designed and manufactured in the absolute and continuous compliance with local and international norms, paying particular attention to safety regulations.

Thanks to the experience of our technical staff, we are able to offer our clients our co-operation in the study of new and important projects with the help of highly advanced technological tools such as the CFD software analysis.
Our product portfolio consists of over 45 series of standard industrial fans and of an important range of high-spec ventilation fans: units designed to operate in extreme or dangerous conditions such as explosive atmosphere (94/9/CE-ATEX certification), high temperature blowers for continuous service or for fire smoke exhausting (conforming with the European norm EN 12101-3) and anticorrosive plastic fans.
UNI EN ISO 9001 certification testifies the natural attitude of our company, always heading for total quality.
The active membership in the main professional associations, both national and international, like AICARR (Italian Association of Air-Conditioning, Heating & Cooling), ANIMA COAER (Italian association of the main manufacturers of ventilation equipment) and the prestigious AMCA (Air Movement & Control Association International, Inc) are the guarantee of a constant technological and regulations up-dating.

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